First steps with the Pinhole “lens”

Friday my last Kickstarter project arrived – the Thingify Pinhole Pro. A pinhole “lens” for my DSLR. Very interesting idea but I think there’s still a lot to experiment and learn in here for me 🙂 Find attached some first steps from today…


A Concorde and a Tupolev TU-144 in a day, pretty cool. However I realized that I’m more of a Tupolev than a Concord guy when it comes to supersonic flights, Russian seats are wider 🙂

Perseiden 2016

Freitag 12.8.2016, vom Etzel Richtung Zürich, das Rihanna-Konzert strahlt mächtig in den Himmel, Sternschnuppen gibt es dennoch 🙂