First big poster

Finally, my first big poster is ready for a first test on the wall. Some final adjusting still necessary.

lessons learned:

  • 2.2×1.4 meter prints from Aliexpress are ok, next time spend more time for a wrinklefree shipping (CHF 20.-)
  • Selfmade frame was fun, 90 degree angles, well who cares about 0.3 degree anyway? 🙂 (CHF 15.-)
  • Needed stronger Tacker (CHF 40.-)
  • Definitively will need canvas stretching plier (Ali CHF 11.-) for next picture
  • Working effort 2-3 hours

Alter Säumerpfad?

Beim Location Scouting an der Sihl bin ich auch auf einen alten Pfad mit Tunnelbauten gestossen, der Weg ist schon fast komplett überwuchert, mal sehen, was darüber herauszufinden ist…

While scouting for locations along river Sihl I discovered an old path with tunnels, let’s see what there is to find out about it…