Size matters :-)

There are times when size matters 🙂 e.g. when you loose a segment of your boat with eight people because the public cruise ship made waves that are higher than the structure of the 16 people boat could bare. That duel of the “The rudder duel on the Limmat” yesterday went definitively to the blue ones from the UZH 🙂

Polaweekend! :-)

A while ago I bid for a lot of Polaroid 600 films of the Impossible project, ignoring that I actually have only a SX-70 Land camera, well, we now also have a 600 Land camera, say HI to the new toy 🙂 Photopgraphy get’s slowed doen again, it takes 20-30 minutes until the picture is developed 🙂

The other “new” toy is a Pola back for my beloved Nikon F3 that has been collecting dust in the last years. Let’s see whether the Polafilm (other type I have to figure out) is still ok, but first get some batteries for the F3 🙂

Light Doubles / Licht Doubles

Mentale Nachricht an mich selbst: Nächstes Mal nehmen wir wieder die Schaufensterpuppe als Licht Double für die Lichteinstellung 🙂

Mental Note to myself: Next time we will tale again the display dummy for the lights set up 🙂


An die Decke gehen

Vermutlich sind ja einfach unsere Ansprüche zu hoch, wer will den heute schon gerade Winkel, Wände im Lot oder Decken im Wasser (nicht unter Wasser :-)?

Das als Einfache kleine Arbeit angedachte Aufhängen der Bilderleisten wird so zur Doktorarbeit 🙁