Size matters :-)

There are times when size matters 🙂 e.g. when you loose a segment of your boat with eight people because the public cruise ship made waves that are higher than the structure of the 16 people boat could bare. That duel of the “The rudder duel on the Limmat” yesterday went definitively to the blue ones from the UZH 🙂

Nikon F3 Polaback

I guess the Nikon F3 Polaback and I need still a little more time. While the series of results is promising, from complete black over a little hint of an image to “if you know what you shot you understand the image”, I’m still far from what I expected 🙂

Funny thing is that you need to calculate and convert exposure values to the amount of light the Polaback needs. Doing so you realize how much simpler life has become since the time that Polaback was introduced…

Spotting the spotters

Für die Boeing 474 E4 waren wir etwas zu spät (bzw. sie flog früher als angegeben), der Anblick der Plane Spotter macht das Ganze aber wieder wett. Ich hab wohl schon lange nicht mehr so viele Klappleitern gezählt 🙂


Being late for the start of the Boeing 747 E4 (it left earlier than announced) we spottet spotters 🙂


Revival of the Polaroid

Mal sehen, ob meine alte Land Kamera noch funktioniert. Die hat seit mindestens 20 Jahren keine Fotos mehr belichtet…

Let’s see whether my old Land camera still is in working condition. It hasn’t been used for more than 20 years…

Die letzten Boxen meines Lebens

Wenn die Qualität hält, was der Hersteller verspricht waren das die letzten Boxen, die ich in diesem Leben kaufen musste 🙂

Ach ja und ich liebe mein Cabriotransporter 🙂

If the quality is as good as promised these will be the last loudspeakers to bnuy in this life. And I love my convertible-porter…