My Journal

Size matters :-)

There are times when size matters 🙂 e.g. when you loose a segment of your boat with eight people because the public cruise ship made waves that are higher than the structure of the 16 people boat could bare. That duel of the “The rudder duel on the Limmat” yesterday went definitively to the blue ones from the UZH 🙂

Hasselblad and the Tatoo

One of my favorite shootings in a while.

It’s quit funny to go back to analog and wait two weeks until you see your shots. Picture is from a studio shooting with Sara, a very special young lady with a tremendous sense of humor (we laughed a lot)…
(Hasselblad 500/C, Planar 1.35/100, TMAX 400, at 3.5/ 1/125)

First steps with the Pinhole “lens”

Friday my last Kickstarter project arrived – the Thingify Pinhole Pro. A pinhole “lens” for my DSLR. Very interesting idea but I think there’s still a lot to experiment and learn in here for me 🙂 Find attached some first steps from today…


A Concorde and a Tupolev TU-144 in a day, pretty cool. However I realized that I’m more of a Tupolev than a Concord guy when it comes to supersonic flights, Russian seats are wider 🙂